Great New Authors Emerge From Adversity

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Hard Economic times are effecting everybody everywhere. Some people are laying down and accepting that times are hard. Some are standing up and doing something about it. Adjusting to the hard economic time is not easy for everyone. “Everything You Were Meant To Be Through Adversity” is a awesome book that will open your eyes to why bad things happen to good people. Author Stephanie Woods is one person who is helping people learn never to give up, adjust. Mrs. Woods is the owner “GT’s On The Move”. There mission is to make a difference in our world by soul winning for Christ, prayer, and leadership training. She has a passion to encourage people in a Godly manner to seek, find, and live up to the purpose that God has created you for and not let the world dictate who you are. She is masterpiece in God’s hands. I will be interviewing her on December 30, on The MCennimm Show at 9am. Future events and workshops will be posted on her website below. Be sure to come out with your hearts open to receive the good news that God has for us through Mrs. Woods.


Utilizing various Biblical tools such as Fellowship, to encourage a sense of community among women through the building of healthy relationships/friendships by the transforming power of Christ. Outreach, to equip women to share God’s love and the message of the Gospel with family, friends and neighbors. As well as social concerns, family unity, community unity. To involve women in the GT’s mentor program. Prayer, to encourage individual worship and intercession for the body of Christ, family, friends and our church and world leaders. Encouragement, natural spiritual growth and leadership among women to equip women for effective living, by making materials available. Such as inspirational books, schedules retreats, conferences, workshops, and some family fun. Our goal is to inform and challenge women in their respective areas of family life, and their ministry.


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