Is Your Business Personal

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Imagine being the owner of a business. You put all of your time, money, and energy into making sure everyone knows that your business is one of the best in your area of town. There are other similar businesses in the area. All of your friends and family know that you own just this particular store. You are trying build a better future for your family. The services you offer can help all of your friends and family, provide jobs for the community and help stabilize the economy.


In this economy working a job is not as stable as it use to be, with all the layoffs and cut backs. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing. There are many people in need of ways to generate income to provide for there families, yet a lot of these ways require income. However there are many ways to generate income that do not require a large investment. Sometimes it only requires a website. Website’s

and social network marketing is becoming more and more popular. It is a way that your personal preferences can be shared and you can target the right market.


Knowing that you have a family to take care of I want you to think about this…What if your friends and family took their business elsewhere, shopped online or offline and never bought anything from your business or use your services? How would you feel? Would you take it personal?



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