Family Court Report

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We have been managing the blog for Equal Rights For Fathers for the past few years. Over the years they have been providing a lot of great information for fathers who are trying to get custody or visitation of their children. They provide the information on bias Judges to avoid and the situations the men go through when dealing with vindictive women. We have learned a lot about the law and the lives that are affected by these situations, and we would like to share this information with you in hope that you begin to support fathers who wish to be in the lives of their children.  Our plan is to produce an online radio broadcast starring Earnest Del Casal; the owner of Equal Right For Fathers. The radio show will be very informative as well as funny. We are currently looking for sponsors and advertisers for this upcoming broadcast. This show will be targeting fathers who are looking to take care of their children, which should be all fathers. If you have products for children or fathers, please consider becoming a sponsor or an advertiser.  After visiting the blog link below, follow us and see how you can be apart of the awareness movement.

Family Court Report.

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