High School Senior Portraits!!

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Are your High School Senior Portraits too expensive?

Would you like to keep the memories of your graduating students at an affordable cost?

In our experience which isn’t much. Getting high school senior portraits can get very expensive for a small amount of low quatlity prints. Well now that you know of MCNM Marketing, that has changed. We are dedicated to helping you save time and money and receive alot of best quality portaits. We are proud to announce our partnership with APassion Photography & Production. For all your precious moments….

We believe that as a graphic/web design and development company, this is a match made in heaven. We are now offering great savings to families of High School Seniors and more. MCNM Marketing and APassion Photography & Production are offering affordable Senior Portraits at our local portrait studio located at:

3251 W. Craig Rd. Ste. 110.


Portrait Packages starts as low as $95, thats right, only $95. Come by and checkin on foursquare and get even more savings or just mention MCNM Marketing as we will be offering free gifts for every 20th visitor. We will see you in the studio. We will be there at least twice a week working on the marketing campaign and design.


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