10 Best New Articles From Our Favorite Web Magazine

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Educating yourself on how to better market your business is the best thing you can do for business.  Now that mobile marketing has began to explode and affiliate marketing is experiencing rapid growth. Website Magazine is always packed with great information on how to grow your business online. We at MCNM Marketing LasVegas, one of Las Vegas premier Online Marketing and graphic design services, would like to share with you the 10 best articles from our favorite web magazine.

#1  Segment Visitors to Gain Actionable Insights. This article is about using Forsee Surveys to collect data on how to better serve your clients and consumers.

#2 Social Sharing, Faster Checkouts. This article is about Ecwid, producer of the platform-neutral, drop-in store builder widget, of its e-commerce software that works for Web, mobile and social sites. Offering consumers faster checkouts and better social sharing options.

#3 LinkTrust Helps in the Fight Against Fraud. This article is about protecting affiliate marketers like us from fraudulent activity using affiliate tracking and affiliate program software.

#4 Take Social Media Analysis a Step Further. This article is about the Sotrender the Social Media analytic platform and Paylane as a credit card processing option and its security features.

#5 Fight Spammy Links with New Webmaster Tool. This article is about SEO using Bing Webmaster Tools and how to protect your site from being linked to by spammers and unprofessional sites.

#6 The Real Value of Domain Names. This article is about learning the true value of a domain name and showcases an awesome tool which will provide a “quantitative analysis” of domains listed for sale in its marketplace, providing buyers with insights into the value of any domain name.

#7 Measure Mobile App Analytics.  This article is about A new beta set of reports from Google Analytics, called Mobile App Analytics, helps marketers and developers analyze the data of their mobile apps.

#8 E-Commerce Emergency – Inside the Online World .  This article will help you discover the most common threats to your continued e-commerce health, learn how to apply some virtual triage and discover numerous highly practical ways to turn your websites into the digital temple that was always needed and demanded.

#9 Is There Value in Affiliate Marketing?.  This article shares that Forrester, which conducted the study, forecasts U.S. affiliate marketing spending will increase by a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 17 percent between 2011 and 2016, growing to $4.5 billion.


#10 Paid Search for Brick & Mortar Advertising. This article talks about “today’s partnership with Marin Software opens the door for myriad national advertisers and agencies to unlock the cross-channel revenue-driving power of paid search while taking advantage of a joint set of tools to manage bid optimization, analyze store-by-store performance and tailor campaigns based on performance data,” said Jonathan Treiber, co-founder and CEO, RevTrax.

To see more amazing articles by our favorite Website Magazine or to get started on your journey to online success visit our site at www.mcnm.ws


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