Reaching Worldwide Millions, From Las Vegas.

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Welcome to the digital age of communication! Where you can reach out and communicate with millions, or even billions of people from wherever you are. Take the famous author of over 26 books, public inspirational speaker, singer & song writer, and radio personality “Dr Rita Pugh PHD” for example. We began managing her ” What We Are Radio Show,” four months ago and have currently accumulated 3,062 listeners world wide and growing rapidly. We are now preparing to utilize this rapid growth to begin sharing local businesses with our listeners. Not just any businesses, but business that are working to enrich peoples lives, as we are. Businesses that are ready to help the community by offering great savings, jobs, and education. We welcome you to listen to the World Famous Dr. Rita Pugh PHD as she speaks what God has given her to share with world. Here is episode 1 of the 5 part series, “There Is More To You Than That.”

Listen to internet radio with Dr RIta Pugh PHD on Blog Talk Radio

Do you have something that God has put on your heart to share with the rest of the world? A gift that God has given you that you would like to give to someone else? What are you waiting on? Join MCNM Marketing and Blog Talk Radio now and we can help you along the path that God has set before you. To love thy neighbor. Click the link below to start your own radio broadcasting experience.

Create a Radio Show and Reach Millions


For more great info of how we got started in business visit. 


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