Three reasons why building a viral app for kids is harder than it looks

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Now days kids are the ones with some of the best ideas, with their extremely vivid imaginations they are the future of technology.


If you’ve ever seen a toddler interact with an iPad (the best being the toddler who didn’t understand why her paper magazine wouldn’t flip), you know that kids are in many ways uniquely suited to playing with tablet or mobile apps — sometimes before they can even read.

But developing apps that will appeal to kids is a real challenge. A variety of enterprenuers and developers who work with technology intended for kids and parents spoke at the 500 Startups Mamabear conference in Mountain View Friday, where they talked about the challenges but potential benefits of building for the younger set.

Complying with privacy guidelines

Cheating on test / privacy concernsOne of the biggest hurdles for app developers — which should comfort parents concerned about the privacy of their kids — is complying with COPPA, the regulations from the FTC that limit the data that developers can collect from kids like names…

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