Quantified canine startup Whistle starts building a dog-centered social network

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And if a dog can do this, what is keeping you from becoming popular. Put your pooch to work for you today.


If you’re a dog lover, you may not admit it but you secretly want a social network centered solely on your pooch. There are a few of you who have acted on that desire, creating a Twitter(s twtr) account for Stella’s more amusing barks or a Facebook(s fb) profile to show Bruno’s best selfies. But most of us try to keep it reasonable. Though we may annoy you with a lot of pics of our pups, we don’t ask you to “friend” them on Facebook.

But San Francisco quantified canine startup Whistle Labs is tapping into that pent-up demand we dog owners have to obsessively record, catalog and share our pets’ daily lives. Whistle is adding social media tools to its dog activity-monitoring platform – instead of only a being a Fitbit for dogs, it wants to become Path as well.

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