The first Star Trek LCARS watch face hits Android Wear

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I guess this is great news for Trekkies. Although, I am a fan I feeling very little excitement. Probably because I am too poor to afford it at this time, but good for who ever can.


That didn’t take too long: Star Trek fans with Android Wear(s goog) smartwatches can already download and install a free watchface based on the fictional LCARS computer interface of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Daniele Bonaldo created and uploaded the “Starwatch” app to Google Play on Monday night, announcing the custom design on his Google+ page. The watch face displays the time, date and — just for kicks — the Unix Epoch, which is the total number of seconds (not counting leap seconds, of course!) since 0:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time on January 1, 1970.

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Kabbage Gets $270M More To Lend To Small Online Merchants

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I am ready to get the Kabbage. Are you?


Kabbage , a platform for online merchants to borrow working capital, is picking up some cabbage of its own: the startup has closed a $270 million credit facility from Guggenheim Securities, the investment banking and capital markets division of Guggenheim Partners. Atlanta, Georgia-based Kabbage will use the funds to build out its financing business both in the U.S. and beyond. This is one of the largest credit facilities ever issued to a small business lender, and possibly the biggest in the online lending space. And its CEO says it may be followed up with even more financing very soon.

“Growth has been dramatic,” Rob Frohwein, Kabbage’s CEO and founder, told me in an interview. “Yes, this is a large facility, but looking at our growth rate, it’s something that we will need to look at again in a reasonably short period of time, believe it or not.”

Matthew Perkins, Senior…

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10 Reasons Why Technology Isn’t Bad for Kids

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Our next generation must embrace the opportunities technology has been and will be providing for them.

No, Strike That

There is a horrible article making the rounds right now from HuffPost written by the new self-appointed leader of the “Save the Children” crusade, Cris Rowan.And this time, she’s after our iPhones! Get the pitchforks Cleetus, we’re gonna have an angry mob!

I feel horrible for even doing this, because rule number 1 of the Internet is “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. Still,if you want to see what bad science looks like when it’s covered in citations you should go read this article (nostrikethat, 2014).

The short version (although it’s hard to summarize a listicle) is that “technology” is destroying the brains of our children and OH GOD WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Technology is defined as “cell phones, internet, iPads, TV”(The stupid article, 2014), which is good because I would hate to have to rip out my toilets. Lucky for the Nostrikethat household, Poop Vanishing Technology is exempt!


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Zuckerberg and Connecting the World

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Img from Getty Images
Img from Getty Images

Do you think the world is ready for everyone in it to be connected on the internet? Please watch the entire video and let us know what you think.

Quantified canine startup Whistle starts building a dog-centered social network

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And if a dog can do this, what is keeping you from becoming popular. Put your pooch to work for you today.


If you’re a dog lover, you may not admit it but you secretly want a social network centered solely on your pooch. There are a few of you who have acted on that desire, creating a Twitter(s twtr) account for Stella’s more amusing barks or a Facebook(s fb) profile to show Bruno’s best selfies. But most of us try to keep it reasonable. Though we may annoy you with a lot of pics of our pups, we don’t ask you to “friend” them on Facebook.

But San Francisco quantified canine startup Whistle Labs is tapping into that pent-up demand we dog owners have to obsessively record, catalog and share our pets’ daily lives. Whistle is adding social media tools to its dog activity-monitoring platform – instead of only a being a Fitbit for dogs, it wants to become Path as well.

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Can you dig this?Visit today

New Episodes of VAsian Global News!

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We have got to see Iron Man #3. Can anyone get us free tickets. We will be your best friend.

Global Asian TV

VAsian Global News Episode 58, Segment 1

that aired on May 12, 2013 – A weekly tele-magazine show on VegasTV via DirecTV 25, Cox Cable 14 and 1014, KTUD 25.1 and 25.2 every Sunday at 2PM PST. It provides updates on breaking news, sports andentertainment, real estate and immigration tips and updates aimed at the International/Global/Expat communities in Las Vegas and around the world. Filmed at the Blue Water Restaurant & Sports Bar. Enjoy the Show…


Segment 2: This is the Home Sweet Home segment with co-hosts Melody Mojica & Mark Bowman of o48 Realty. Melody reports on “Pocket Listings”, and Mark interviews Immigration Lawyer Rex Velasquez.

Segment 3: Shannon…

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